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Buyer's Remorse

Steve had just painted his garage floor in Greenwood with Rustoleum epoxy paint when he visited his friend's house that we coated 2 years ago.  Steve was so impressed with Tom's floor that he called us to do his, even though he had just finished putting Rustoleum on it.  He knew it would last and didn't cure anywhere near the finish of Tom's floor.  If you look close, there is no flake at all on this floor and it shows every footprint we made.  We happily obliged by grinding off the Rustoleum coating and applied 3 coats of polyaspartic coatings and a full broadcast of Saddletan flake to give him a long-lasting beautiful floor.  We even fixed a section of concrete that had chipped off the front edge and filled in the termite treatment holes around the inside. His only regret after we were done was that he didn't call us before he spent all that time on his garage.  
Garage Floor Paint
Before - recently painted garage floor
How to fix concrete chips
Repaired concrete chip at the front edge
Garage Floor Epoxy
After - 3 coats of polyaspartic and full broadcast Saddletan flake

Word of Mouth Advertising

Wayne called me to do his garage floor in a new condo that he had just bought.  We were pretty busy at the time, but found a way to squeeze him in the schedule.  He learned about us by visiting another customer that we did a few years ago just off Emerson Road.  Melinda had told him how pleased she was with the floor and gave Wayne our number.  We are thankful to Melinda for the referral for sure.  Wayne's floor was heavily stained and had a minor crack and a few chips, all of which we were able to fix.  The oil stain was pretty bad, but was all topical. We applied 3 coats of polyaspartic, which i is normal, but Wayne only wanted a light application of flake, just enough to break things up visually.  
Greenwood garage floors
Greenwood garage floors

New Construction

This is Melinda's floor that led to Wayne calling us above.  This was brand new construction which was in really good shape.  Unfortunately, we forgot the "before" picture.  Melinda didn't want any flake at all, but wanted some color variation in the floor.  We settled on a metallic polyaspartic floor coating.  Metallic finishes are typically used more in epoxy because of the longer dry times of epoxy, which allows for more color movement during the drying process.  But we also provide metallics in polyaspartic.  We do recommend an anti-slip additive in a surface like this because it can become slick in the winter due to water from snow melt on the floor.  
smooth garage floor
After - Smooth metallic gray polyaspartic floor
smooth garage floors
After - Close Up: Smooth metallic gray polyaspartic floor
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Greenwood Garage Floors

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